Corporate Sponsorship / Donation

    Corporate Sponsorship / Donation

    Blockdegree Provide Free Course access to all the students and if students wish to go for examination and certification then blockdegree charge USD 9.99 fees, This fee to cover infrastructure and storage costs for the certificates."

    Blockdegree have Students from many underdeveloped countries and like to go for exam and certification but unable to pay the fees. FundMyDegree provides them the option to request for the funding.

Corporate Sponsorship / Donation Benefits

    When you sponsor a Student's fees and certification Your Personal name or Corporate Logo will be displayed on each certificate sponsored by you.

    You will get Thank You Certificate from Blockdegree which you can Share on your Social Media.

    Corporate, NGO's and government bodies have the option to sponsor bulk numbers of students. All the sponsored certificates will have the name and logo of the sponsor. I wish to sponsor __ Certificate

Ways to Donate / Sponsorship

Entire Course Sponsorship

We provide several options for you to donate. Apart from Paypal, you also have the option to pay through XDC Coin or Mobile Payments.

If you are looking at Entire Course sponsoring then Please Contact Us.

Sponsor a Student Today

Sponsorship starts from USD 9.99

Click Here for the list of students Requested for the Sponsorship.

Sponsor Now


1Do Blockdegree have an option to do anonymous donation/ Sponsorship?

Yes. In this case no name will be displayed on the certificate.

2Do Blockdegree have an option for recurring Donation / Sponsorship?

Yes. using paypal, you can set up a weekly/monthly/yearly budget for the donation / sponsorship.

3I am unable to fund the students but I like to work as a volunteer to collect Sponsorship / Donation How can I start?

Please become a Campus Ambassadors and start your volunteer activities to help students to get sponsorship / donation. Please Apply Here.